Correct accounts for a correct business.

We deal with money paid, received, borrowed, or owed by NEXT MARITIME companies all over the world. Global liquidity management structure. Identifying a company's needs and objectives.

A chart of accounts (COA), representing a unique set of codes to record all an entity's transactions consistently, is a well-recognized, fundamental accounting need for our complex organization with numerous divisions and cash accounting. It is essential to be able to collate financial information that is relevant, both for internal management and external parties.

It is required to file accounts on an annual basis with the relevant authorities. These accounts should detail items of expenditure and revenue and outline the profit on which tax is payable.
  • Efficiency
    A quick and accurate service, with all tax matters filed on time, every time.
  • Correctness
    We know our business is to keep our accounts in a straight forward
  • Accessibility
    Contact us when you need.
  • Priority
    Following the NEXT MARITIME companies worldwide requirements, no matter the size of the business, every operation it is important.
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