As well as moving our customer's cargo throughout the globe, our customs experts have a strategic view of all country-specific requirements and customs obligations. This global vision means we can take control of all customs formalities on behalf of our customers, ensuring compliance at all stages and planning your trade lanes efficiently to deliver a cost effective forwarding solution and an optimised supply chain.

Our Global Customs Services:
  • A stand-alone customs clearance offer or a combined global shipment management solution.
  • Fully licensed customs broker with AEO accreditation.
  • We centralised all customs procedures to be carried out in the Spanish Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, in a single Customs office assigned by the Spanish Customs Department. Shortly this will be applicable to all European Countries and Areas. At present we can clear other Countries and Areas locally.
  • Management of all customs formalities: traditional, quotas, licences, tax representation, transit documents and others.
  • Our experts are international trade professionals who specialise in project-based work and complex daily issues. They have the knowledge and expertise to assist with issues that fall outside of the normal brokerage and forwarding requirements

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